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Murder Mystery Events

Share your passion for Investigation as you unravel the mystery.
Throw people off the scent when you are a suspect at a murder mystery dinner. To prove you are innocent you'll need to prove someone else is guilty.
Question the suspects at an interactive show. Unravel the plot and uncover their secrets.
Can you crack the mystery and "Solve The Murder"?
Murder mystery and mystery games are brought to you by ITM Games, part of the ITM Games Group

Treasure Hunts In London

Stop wandering around the city aimlessly and start exploring with purpose.
Discover history on your doorstep, as you venture along streets and passageways you've never noticed before.
Find solutions in parks, gardens and open spaces. Explore top museums and art galleries as you search for priceless artifacts under the watchful gaze of old masters. 

Treasure Hunts are brought to you by Treasure Hunts In London, part of the ITM Games Group

Escape Room Reviews

Would you like to be locked in a room and have to escape? (No, really. That’s a genuine question)
For these Clue Solving Adventures, teams find themselves locked up for 60 minutes with a series of clues and puzzles to solve and objectives to complete.
Read our reviews on some of the physical games that our teams have played around the world.

How did members of the ITM Games Group get on and which Escape Rooms would they recommend ?

City Adventurers

Become a City Adventurer and Explore New Places

Are you longing for a bit more adventure in your life?
Do you have a bucket list of things to do and places to visit?
Join the City Adventurers and start ticking off those challenges!

#1 Social Team Building Book

Team Building…..

Discover how social team-building builds memories and happiness.
The No1 book on social team building by our award winning author. Read this book, your little grey cells will love you for it